What are the side effects of taking DHEA?

There are no dangerous side effects from using a DHEA, DeHydroEpiAndrosterone, supplement. DHEA is the most abundant naturally occurring pro-hormone in humans.  DHEA is not a foreign substance.  DHEA only occurs in humans. DHEA is not addictive or habit forming and can be discontinued at any time with no adverse side effects. DHEA should be used as a properly made bioidentical skin cream.

DHEA is very safe. Men and women over age 35 should use a properly made DHEA skin cream like Twist 25 DHEA cream daily to maintain youthful vigor because maintaining healthy hormone levels can stave off many diseases of aging. DHEA does not increase the risks of cancer. In fact, research shows that people with higher DHEA levels are at a reduced risk of developing cancer and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, many urologists are now using DHEA to help patients fight prostate cancer.  Because DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone precursor and a base for many hormones as well as a base for sebum, commonly know as skin oil, in rare cases DHEA supplementation may cause some people to get skin blemishes or increased hair growth or sex drive.  If any such unwanted side effect occurs, simply reduce the amount of DHEA supplement being used or discontinue use. Such side effects are very rare.