Lose Belly Fat

You know that padded area on both sides of your belly button that just won’t go away even when you diet and exercise? Well, most of us do; and every year we get older it seems to keep getting even bigger and harder to control. Yes, it can be frustrating when you eat healthy, exercise and do everything right, and yet that belly fat pad still just won’t go away.

Well, there is some medical research giving us a lot of new information that makes sense…and might just give us a new advantage. Part of what determines whether we store energy consumed as fat instead of burning it as fuel depends on our metabolism which is driven by our hormones.  Makes sense, right? it is common knowledge that hormones are the chemical messengers that tell the body what to do.  How energetic people feel, their mood, their muscle tone, their sex drive, sharpness of mind, softness of skin, how well we sleep at night…and, yes, how efficiently the body functions to either burn energy or store it away as fat.

According to a study performed at Washington University School of Medicine published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), “DHEA has been shown to reduce both visceral and subcutaneous fat in men and women.” The physicians conducting the study determined that a higher DHEA level was associated with improved insulin sensitivity.1
How Does DHEA Work?

From birth to about age 25, humans (men and women alike) produce more and more DHEA.  DHEA, is a prohormone that is produced in the adrenal glands, gonads and the dermis. It is a carbon chain precursor or prohormone to male androgens as well as female sex hormones, like the estrogens.

Below is a graph of DHEA levels over the human lifespan.
The pink line indicates slightly improved DHEA levels that might be possible if one were to augment or boost DHEA availability over the human lifespan, to perhaps gain great benefits in staving off diseases caused by gradually declining hormones.

DHEA applied as a skin cream simply provides something the body makes in the dermis, DHEA, where it occurs naturally and is metabolized naturally. The bioavailability for beneficial effects is much greater when DHEA is used as a cream instead of a pill.  DHEA pills are largely eliminated by the first pass effect of the liver. Twist 25 DHEA cream is bioidentical DHEA in a carefully made coconut oil base cream.

While DHEA does not provide a miracle cure for losing belly fat, it certainly may help, according to the research. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, DHEA may help you you to be more active and healthy and reduce abdominal fat.

If you think DHEA might help you look and feel your best, be sure to buy a properly made, pharmaceutical grade, bioidentical DHEA supplement cream—instead of an oral DHEA pill. Our bodies process DHEA in the skin. So DHEA cream Twist 25 provides DHEA in the dermis right where the body uses it naturally. Apply Twist 25 DHEA cream each day the right way on thin skin and notice the benefits within a few weeks.

kean muscle tone

Improve Workout Results and Lean Muscle Tone With DHEA

Get better workout results, recover faster after exercise, and start to see lean shapely muscle tone with a daily DHEA skin cream called Twist 25. DHEA gives you a workout advantage, while it also helps you have more energy, lose both visceral and subcutaneous fat1 and also helps you take care of your heart2, brain3, bone strength4 and more.

So what is DHEA?  Many people haven’t heard of DHEA or know what it does. Using it correctly as a properly made skin cream, rather than a pill, yields results—whereas DHEA pills don’t provide much noticeable benefit.

The reasons:
#1 – When DHEA is taken as a pill, most DHEA is eliminated by the liver, and what does get supplemented is just DHEA sulfate rather than free DHEA, which is what the body uses as a base precursor to the sex hormones.

#2 – DHEA metabolism occurs naturally in the dermis. In fact, for post menopausal women, more than 80% of hormone metabolism occurs naturally in the dermis (the skin).5 So Twist 25 DHEA cream provides what the body makes (bioidentical DHEA) where it occurs naturally anyway (the dermis or skin).

Provided below is a list of beneficial things DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is proven by medical science to do:

  • reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, (#1 cause of death in the USA and the world)
  • reduces risk of cancer of all types
  • helps improve deep REM sleep6
  • helps support immune response
  • helps reduce abdominal fat
  • helps improve muscle tone and muscle recovery after workouts
  • helps improve mental function, sharpness of mind, mood and focus
  • reduces risks of chemical and UV carcinogens for skin cells
  • is a base for sebum that helps skin hydration
  • improves mood and sense of well-being. 
  • fights depression
  • counterbalances negative effects of stress and high cortisol and inflammation
  • helps to counter metabolic syndrome
  • helps cartilage and connective tissue
  • helps neuron and cartilage formation
  • helps support bone strength

Today, let’s just focus on why DHEA is helpful in boosting results from exercise.  In short, there are two important reasons: 

  1. DHEA is a base precursor for hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that drive our body.  So for men, it is a crucial base for testosterone, which is an important hormone for shapely muscle tone. For women, it is a precursor to all of the androgens and estrogen hormones which likewise give women the shapely muscle tone women have.
  2. DHEA helps to counterbalance the inflammatory hormone cortisol, and helps the body to rebuild connective tissue, neurons, and osteocytes (bone cells) as well as cartilage. This is why Twist 25 cream users notice they don’t feel sore the next day after a hard workout.  The body recovers faster when DHEA levels are optimal. 

Twist and shout!

Bike or hike or run and jump; swim … or just play in the yard. But please exercise in some way every day; and if you use Twist 25 DHEA cream every day too, you’ll get more benefits from your workouts!

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DHEA as a Workout Supplement

As we get older, it can get more and more difficult to want to work out. We’re tired, there’s too much else to do, we’re too out of shape — the excuses never end. The more we make excuses for ourselves, the easier it is to keep making excuses, and before we know it, we haven’t been to the gym or jogged or anything in months.

Well, we’ve noticed something interesting with the people who use Twist 25 DHEA cream. They often have more energy, a greater sense of well-being and are in a better mood. These three changes work together to give them a little more motivation to work out. When they work out, they notice that they recover faster after workouts and don’t feel as sore the next day. They’re also noticing the benefits of working out faster — shapelier muscle tone, more definition, lean muscle tone.

When people are active and exercise during the day they sleep better at night because of the increased activity. Deep sound quality sleep at night leads to more energy the next day — fewer excuses to avoid the gym because you feel more alive and on top of the world. This cycle keeps repeating itself subtly so that the people who take advantage of Twist 25 DHEA cream start to notice bigger improvements from working out. More and better results from exercising makes people more inclined to do it again the next day. The good routine of finding time or desire to exercise every day builds upon itself from positive results. You feel like you’re getting somewhere – making progress.

These changes happen because DHEA works as a pro-hormone, a hormone precursor to testosterone and estrogen and about 50 other hormones. Many of the effects we describe here also happen because DHEA activates the androgen and estrogen receptors and acts to increase nitric-oxide (NO) production and cardiovascular health. DHEA also reduces many of the detrimental effects of cortisol, a hormone created when we’re stressed. Because of this counterbalancing effect DHEA has on the negative effects of cortisol we recover faster after workouts. In addition, medical research shows that DHEA improves insulin sensitivity and reduces both visceral and subcutaneous abdominal fat buildup too. In the presence of DHEA cells and tissue are able to build and stay healthy, known as an anabolic effect. In the absence of DHEA, cells and tissue break down more easily, known as a catabolic effect.

If you’re looking for a workout supplement that will make exercising easier and more fruitful, think about using Twist 25 DHEA cream. Simply rub in 1 or 2 pump presses morning and evening every day onto thin hairless skin – applying what the body uses naturally, bioidentical DHEA, absorbed and processed in the skin where most DHEA metabolism happens anyway. It does so much good. Get the Twist 25 advantage. Your body will thank you for it.

Apply DHEA Cream twice a day and tell us how you feel

How to Stop Feeling So Washed Out

Do you keep waiting for a day where you feel energized and ready to go, but it never seems to arrive? Feeling washed out isn’t any fun, but it happens to the best of us. One thing’s for sure: You shouldn’t resign yourself to a life of feeling perpetually under the weather. That tired, achy, worn-out feeling can be traded in for one that’s energized, enthusiastic and ready for anything. After visiting the doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions, start implementing the following changes in your life. Before you know it, you’ll be the happiest, most energetic possible version of yourself.

Start by Taking Care of Yourself

Without taking care of yourself, you can’t hope to overcome that feeling of being washed out all the time. Make sure that the following areas are adequately addressed while you explore other natural remedies:

Exercise – How much exercise do you really get? People often overestimate how active they actually are. To get a more accurate idea, try using an activity-tracking device. Even if you’re on the go most of the time, you can probably benefit from devoting about 30 minutes per day to some form of exercise. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a walk around the block or high-intensity cardio. The point is to get out there and get moving! Endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals will help strip away that washed-out feeling.

Diet – As overused as the phrase may be, you really are what you eat. Try to avoid overly processed, high-calorie foods as much as possible. Opt instead for fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats and other healthy fare. Swap sugary sodas for icy cold water, and consider switching to several small meals per day instead of three larger ones.

Sleep – Like most people, you probably don’t get anywhere near enough sleep. Try going to bed an hour earlier to get a little more shuteye. Do it even if it means leaving the dishes unwashed or other chores unfinished. Your mental health is more important than keeping your home immaculate.

Sunshine and Fresh Air – Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Nothing can snap you out of a funk quite like being out in the sun, and fresh air helps you feel energized and ready for anything. Whether it’s warm or cold out, make a point of getting out into the sun on a regular basis. Even a few five-minute breaks here and there are sure to do a world of good. Sunshine on your skin allows you to make Vitamin D-3. Vitamin D-3 is a provitamin in much the same way DHEA is a pro-hormone; and both are made and processed in the skin.

Replenish Your Body’s Stores of DHEA

If you’re over the age of 30 or so and feel perpetually washed out and out of it, there’s a very good chance that you have insufficient levels of DHEA. Our bodies make less and less DHEA every year after age 25, and without this important prohormone, we’re left feeling washed out, blah…no energy or vitality.

The adrenal prohormone DHEA is often touted as the “youth hormone,” and it acts as a building block for more than 50 hormones in the body. As levels of DHEA drop, it reduces the body’s ability to produce many hormones, and hormones play a major part in helping us feel healthy and happy. By maintaining and replenishing your body’s DHEA level, you may be able to kick that washed-out feeling to the curb once and for all.

At Health2Go, we’re proud to make and sell Twist 25 DHEA cream, the top quality pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA cream that has been tested rigorously for 25 years. Just rub in a squirt or two of Twist 25 cream to thin skin each morning to start improving energy levels, sense of well-being and mood, and say good riddance to that nasty, washed-out feeling for good.

Is Your Workout Enough? Add DHEA to Your Fitness Routine

Regular exercise and staying active has repeatedly been proven to be the most important way to stay healthy. Yes, it is also important to eat a variety of fresh vegetables and avoid proteins high in saturated fats, drink plenty of water, and get 8 hours of sleep every night. But regular exercise at least 5 times per week is key. An advantage called Twist 25 DHEA cream can make exercise easier to do and recover from, and more beneficial for lean shapely muscle tone.

Some folks go for a jog, some prefer a brisk walk or trail hike; many people do yoga or cross-fit training, or go for a bike ride every day. Any such activities that keep our heart rate up over 120 beats per minute for more than 20 minutes helps us maintain our health. If you keep that aerobic heartbeat up for 30 minutes or an hour it’s even better.

But after age 35 it gets harder for people to muster the motivation to keep the daily exercise going. Work, kids, combined with diminishing energy and drive, make exercise one of those things that just gets left off the to-do list. Many rationalize it as “Well, I’m just too busy to exercise.” Or “I have too many other priorities that are more important…like work, and dropping off or picking up the kids.”

How do hormones matter?
Being an adult can be demanding and stressful. There is work, kids, family and friends, groceries to buy, meals to make and housekeeping and yard work to do. So, by the end of a long day crashing out on the couch starts to seem like it would be a better option than going to do a yoga class or going for a jog or heading to the gym for a workout.

By age 35-45 there is another important thing going on inside our bodies that quietly compounds with life’s responsibilities to make the couch’s appeal even stronger allowing daily exercise to get left behind – hormone decline.

For the first 20 years of our lives, men and women alike make ever increasing levels of hormones. One of the most important hormone precursors is DHEA – dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA is a naturally occurring prohormone. DHEA is a base building block for all of the sex hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that give us the drive and desire to be active and exercise. Hormones also are what give us shapely muscle tone that is obviously different for men or women.

Between age 35-45 many people begin to get discouraged that even though they are exercising, they just don’t notice the same benefits in how they look anymore. A picture speaks a thousand words. This graph shows DHEA levels over the human lifespan.

By providing DHEA on the skin, or dermis, the largest organ of the body, there are many noticeable advantages.

DHEA levels

People notice that the benefits they gain from exercise return. Lean shapely muscle tone develops because hormone levels are regained. People also notice that they recover faster after exercising, and don’t suffer from debilitating muscle soreness the next day even after an intense workout.

So stay active. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Eat right; drink plenty of water; and apply Twist 25 DHEA cream onto thin hairless skin every day. It will help you maintain that youthful physically fit look. Twist 25 DHEA cream also comes in a convenient airless cream pump that can be easily carried with you in your workout bag or purse. So it’s easy to have with you to apply after your shower post workout when your blood flow is good and your skin is clean and your pores are dilated.

Use Twist 25 DHEA cream to get the most from your exercise. Use Twist 25 cream, make your own hormones. This special DHEA supplement cream can give you that little health advantage to keep exercising, and enjoy the benefits staying fit and active can provide.